In my holy pants ♥

:pointr:The Process:

1. Contact me via note.
2. Confirm how many pictures you want, and of what.
3. Once a decision has been made on the look and price you’re in, a short fill in the blank contract will be sent for you to fill out and note back.
4. Next a rough sketch will be drawn. Confirm any changes you’d like.

5.  I’M NOT A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER, please, when you talk with me, don’t use so difficult words or sentences. I’ll never understand it. Watch your orthography.

6. Payment is sent (in full or half price) via Paypal. When payment is received, the commission will continue.

When noting me, include…
Your e-mail
Relevant, detailed description of what you want, and reference pictures.



These are my prices.

:star:Sketch Commission: 1 USD. ( simple background or without background )

:star:700 x 600 pixels full color pic Commission: 5 USD ( simple background or without background )   Extra character + 2 USD

:star:Chibi Commission: 2 USD (Full Color) Extra character + 0,50 cents

:star:Characters Commission: 3 USD ( Only one character )

:star:Bonus: If you ask for some kind of pornography, don’t matter if is a sketch or a full color commission, the price is the corresponding + 1 USD.